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Why use our free AI tweet generator?

On Twitter, you only get 280 characters per tweet. Some might think it's easier to make viral stuff here than on other sites. But folks handling social media know that, even with the short limit, making lots of valuable, funny or smart tweets can be a lot of work.

Since Twitter likes it when you share short stuff often, the experts recommend to tweet a lot for the best results. That's more than 80 tweets each month and 1,000 tweets each year. That's a quite a lot!

But with our free tweet generator, you can whip up a whole bunch of funny, clever and valuable tweets for three months in just a few minutes. Just tell the tool what you want to say, and it does the thinking and writing for you. Make your next tweet in just a few seconds with this free tool.

How to write my first tweet?

Creating your first tweet is a big deal – it's the first thing people notice on your Twitter. So, it's important to get it right and set the right tone for your time on the platform. No need to stress, though.

Not sure where to start? You could go with a classic like "hello world" or do something like Jack Dorsey did with "just setting up my twttr" (that's the very first tweet ever, by the way). Just keep it short, sweet, and true to yourself.

Can't think of something amazing? No problem! Use our tweet generator. Just share a bit about yourself, and it'll help you create a memorable first tweet. Easy peasy.

How long should my tweet be?

When crafting tweets on Twitter, remember you've got 280 characters to work with, unless you're a Twitter Blue subscriber, then you get up to 10,000 characters per tweet. Most effective tweets fall between 71 and 100 characters, but it depends on your style.

The main point here is to keep it short and sweet on Twitter, where brevity rules. Your tweets should be brief and to the point.

Like our tweet generator?

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    • Worked very very well, the content generated by the AI was exactly what I wanted. I used it extensively as an idea generator to help me break writers block. The AI template feature is also something I loved, it nudges the content towards my exact tone and voice.

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      Paul Xue
    • Exciting new tech for all of those wanting to grow on X. Engagement is super important but very time consuming!

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    • Such a useful tool :) Definitely the best I've tested in its category. #VeryHappyCustomer

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    • This will be great for those who do use the platform and need some help with posting more frequently.(of maybe those like me who might want to hop on and don't know where to start lol) Great job including the different tones & adding variety to your product. 😀

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    • My first impressions are really great, and I think you’re into building an amazing product here!

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    • Just dropping in to say, is an absolute game-changer. Really top-tier stuff!

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